Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, take theirs.

Jeremy and his staff were extremely knowledgable and we feel we got a well built home. Trim work is fantastic and Jeremy had some real good ideas for us. Relatively easy to communicate with during building process. Adapted real well to changes.
                 — Karen Z. (Louisville, KY)

There was an open line of communication. We even had their cell phone numbers, and could call at anytime. The general contractor's expectations were very high. He was constantly checking people's work and bringing them back in. He has such an eye for detail. That's so appreciated, because he knows what he's looking for more than we do. Provident is really fantastic. They're trustworthy and timely. They're perfectionists.
                 — Tom and Kelly H. (Louisville, KY)

Provident is great to work with. I would gladly build another home with them.
                 — Gary and Karen B. (Louisville, KY)

I really liked their customer service. They were very easy to work with and did a great job of returning phone calls when you needed them. They also did great at staying within budget and were great about letting you know if anything was over budget before proceeding with the project, there were no surprises.
                 — David P. (Louisville, KY)

Every member of the Provident team brought a extensive skill set to the job and always knew how to handle every situation. Provident Homes provided the best possible product, on time and within budget. Our home is a showplace that is a direct result of the professional expertise and attention to detail that the Provident Team provided from start to finish. Thank you for building a true dream home for our family.
                 — Jim M. (Louisville, KY)